On the High Plains of the Llano Estacado, there is no greater determinant to ones experience than the incessant wind and the infinity of the horizon. In a project meant to give material presence to these immaterial elements, and to index the inexhaustability of both air and horizon, we set aloft a grid of 100 kites in the early spring. This performance delaminated the endlessness of the ground by shifting a 40 acre surface-plane into a tethered datum of kites in the sky. Fluttering and drifting in unison, these kites constructed a strange sort of acoustic and visual enclosure in an otherwise boundless space. The performance began with a simple survey and pacing off of the anchor points, and one-by-one the kites were let loose into the wind at a predetermined length of lead. As a measure of the constancy of the wind on the High Plains, after the slight volatility of morning air calmed, the kites remained aloft for the entire day. Untended. Word of the performance quickly spread through town by means I still cannot account for and before dinner there was a traffic jam on the adjacent highway. As the day drew to a close, the kites succumbed to a loss of loft as the air temperature dropped and the wind began to fade. One by one, the kites stalled and drifted to the ground in a large scale wind rose, indexing the last hour's distribution.


100 Kites
Jesse Vogler
Louis Schalk
Szu Han Ho
John Houser

Lubbock, TX

Special Thanks
Emily Vogler
Sarah Wentzel-Fisher
Larry-Bob Phillips
Duncan Wadsworth
Tina Larkin
Lauren Segapelli
North Keeragool
Rob Meers